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Capturing that exquisite wedding shot


Wedding photography is all about capturing the candid moments. No rehearsals, no retakes and no models. So the key is to make it look natural, to capture the moment as it was and preserve it in your frame.

1.Get close, really close. It’s all about those moments and expressions.


2.Close shots are important but as they say after all it is “the big fat India wedding” so equally important are the background actions – to look and find out those out of ordinary moment.
3.If possible have two cameras with two different lenses, a wide and a telephoto, so that you don’t waste time changing the lens.
4.Always always talk to your client about how they want their wedding to be shot.

5.Visit the venue beforehand. You will get an idea of the place and have a rough idea of your frames before the actual event.

6.Always capture the small details – the rings, the bouquets, the fall of the lehanga, the fluttering chunari, hands placed together. It is these small details which one wants to look back to.


7.Don’t be obtrusive. Blend in the crowd. Never ever interrupt the ceremony.

8.Change your perspective. The bride and groom walking down the mandap, crowd gathered in front of them – shoot it from behind, you will have a whole new point of view.


9.Make your shots colourful. The first word that comes to mind when they hear Indian wedding is – colour. So shoot as many different shades as you can.

10.Lastly – smile. When one will see the photographer smiling they will be comfortable and smile back too. It will give you the most amazing candid moments.

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